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  His sister remembers J S StuckiBiography of J U StuckiJournals of John Ulrich Stucki (PDF format)Bridf history of the house where Mary Stucki lived for many yearsBiography of Joseph Smith Stucki and tributes by many who knew himA page from an Oregon Life publication regarding J. S. StuckiLife story of Pearl Stucki GeeBiography of Jane B. Stucki by her daughter MadgeA son remembers Jane B. StuckiPictures from Dunraven, Wales and vicinity  Autobiography of Mary Ann Price Stucki Biography of Ellen H. Price Testimony of Mary Ann Price Stucki Biography of Isaac Thomas PRice Hostory of the George Bailey FamilyLuther Reed HistoryStory of Ann Maria Reed PriceElizabeth Young BaileyEllen Jane Bailey Lamborn