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Descendants of Salmon Gee

What follows is information gathered from numerous sources.  It is admittedly pathetic because of all the missing data, and I apologize to all who are left out.  This should be thought of as only a beginning of the effort to publish the posterity of Salmon Gee.  Corrections and additions are welcome.  Please send an e-mail (or even a GEDCOM file) to  We really would like to hear from you.


1. Salmon Gee

sp: Sarah Watson Crane

      2. George Washington Gee

      2. Giles Gee

      2. Lysander Gee

      sp: Maryette Rowe

           3. Erasmus Gee

           3. Erastus Rowe Gee

             sp: Geneva Eleanor Telford

                4. William Erastus Gee

                  sp: Mary Ellen Kerr

                     5. William Marion Gee

                       sp: Helen Young

                          6. William Marion Gee II

                            sp: Barbara Jean Lloyd

                               7. Kaylynn Gee

                               7. Shannon Gee

                               7. Andrea Gee

                               7. Christopher William Gee

                               7. Lujean Gee

                               7. Jason Michael Gee

                          6. Anthony Linton Gee

                            sp: Carolyn Viehweg

                               7. Tanra Gee

                               7. David Terek Gee

                               7. Daniel Talan Gee

                               7. Claylon Anthony Gee

                               7. Camalin Gee

                     5. Ivin Lafayette Gee

                       sp: Pearl Stucki

                          6. Ivin Laurence Gee

                            sp: Alice Virginia Clark

                               7. Ivin Clark Gee

                                 sp: Melanie Ann Williams

                                    8. Richard Laurence Gee

                                    8. Melissa Ann Gee

                                    8. Geoffery Gee

                                    8. Rachel Gee

                               7. Mary Ellen Gee

                                 sp: Steven Leonard Marshall

                                    8. Michael Steven Marshall

                                    8. Matthew Laurence Marshall

                                    8. Liesl Dianna Marshall

                                    8. Stephanie Nacole Marshall

                                    8. Jacob Leonard Marshall

                               7. Juliana Gee

                                sp: Russell Dixon

                               7. John Laurence Gee

                                sp: Kathleen Reynolds

                                8. Sydney Alice Gee

                                8. Adam Laurence Gee

                               7. Rachel Alice Gee

                                 sp: Steven Hale Gray

                                    8. Christopher Hale Gray

                                    8. Nicholas Robert Gray

                                    8. Patrick Laurence Gray

                               7. Aaron Merrill Gee

                                 sp: Layna Palmer (div.)

                                    8. Bryan Garth Gee

                                    8. Chalisa Noel Gee

                                    8. Chandelle Gee

                                    8. Nathaniel Aaron Gee

                                    8. Charlotte Gee

                               7. Joseph Marco Gee

                                sp: Erin Robison

                                    8. Salmon Joseph Gee

                                    8. Lincoln Gee

                                    8. Julia Ruby Gee

                                    8. Gwendolyn Gee

                               7. Philip Joshua Gee

                                sp: Jennifer Gillis

                          6. Martell Joseph Gee

                            sp: LaRue Barrus

                               7. Charles Martell Gee

                                 sp: Eva Layne

                                    8. Heather Gee

                                    8. Christen Gee

                                    8. Zachary Michael Gee

                                    8. Alysa Gee

                                    8. Brandon Martell Gee

                               7. Joseph Norman Gee

                                 sp: Louise Perkes

                                    8. Sharon Gee

                                    8. Joseph Andrew Gee

                                    8. Katherine Gee

                               7. Howard Barrus Gee

                                 sp: Julianna Oaks

                                    8. Madelyn Gee

                                    8. Ashton Howard Gee

                                    8. Allison Gee

                                    8. Harrison Lloyd Gee

                                    8. Evelyn Gee

                               7. Karen Gee

                                    sp: Lawrence Stephen Cantwell Jr. (dec.)

                                    8. Jennifer Cantwell

                                      sp: Chris Weiss

                                        9. Paxton Weiss

                                 sp: Robert Baxter Blass

                                    8. Joshua Robert Blass

                                    8. Daniel Martell Blass

                                    8. Rebekah Blass

                               7. KayLyn Gee

                                 sp: Jack Fredrick Thompson

                                    8. Samuel Allen Thompson

                                    8. Douglas James Thompson

                                    8. Spencer Martell Thompson

                                    8. Trevor William Thompson

                               7. Kristin Gee

                                 sp: Jared Miller

                                    8. Benjamin Jared Miller

                                    8. Taylor Joseph Miller

                                    8. Alan Jacob Miller

                                    8. Anna LaRue Miller

                                    8. Isaac Gee Miller

                               7. Kimberly Gee

                                 sp: Ryan Burton Kunz

                                    8. Jordan Matthew Kunz

                                    8. Ashley Kunz

                                    8. Lauren Kunz

                          6. Glendon William Gee

                            sp: Shirley Hillman

                               7. Carma Ann Gee

                                 sp: Patrick Floyd Sorenson

                                    8. David Scott Sorenson

                                    8. Michael Floyd Sorenson

                               7. David William Gee

                                 sp: Megan Millward

                                    8. Anna Mauri Gee

                                    8. Samuel Ivin Gee

                                    8. Eli Asher Gee

                               7. Laurene Gee

                                 sp: David Wayne Thomas (div.)

                                    8. Kristin Thomas

                                    8. Amber Laurene Thomas

                                 sp: Val Starkey

                                    8. Maria Elizabeth Starkey

                               7. Steven Glendon Gee

                                 sp: Pamela Nelson

                                    8. Rebecca Louise Gee

                                    8. Sarah Lynn Gee

                                    8. Emily Pearl Gee

                               7. James Merrill Gee

                                 sp: Cherie Cantrell

                          6. Ellen Ann Gee

                          6. Rosemary Gee

                            sp: Steven Leonard Wall

                               7. Amie Wall

                               7. Heather Wall

                                sp: Jason Moon

                                    8. Brodey Moon

                                    8. Jacey Moon 

                               7. Justin Jay Wall

                               7. Lynsey Wall

                     5. Lynn Lamar Gee

                       sp: Eileen Eschler

                          6. Lamont Lynn Gee

                            sp: Nancy Olivia Wallin

                               7. Penny Elaine Gee

                               7. Lawrence Lamont Gee

                               7. Barbara Nancy Gee

                               7. Richard Lynn Gee

                               7. David Lester Gee

                               7. Ammon Spencer Gee

                          6. Margo Eileen Gee

                            sp: Melvin George Heaps

                               7. Laura Eileen Heaps

                               7. Weston Lynn Heaps

                     5. Merrill Kerr Gee

                       sp: Dorothy Merrill

                          6. Merrill Kerr Gee II

                            sp: Shauna H Bowman

                               7. Gardner Merrill Gee

                          6. Valonne (Lonnie) Gee

                            sp: Robert Allen Hackworth

                               7. Jennifer Hackworth

                               7. Justin Scott Hackworth

                               7. Robert Jeremy Hackworth

                               7. Kristi D Hackworth

                               7. Jordan Hackworth

                          6. Gavin "M" Gee

                            sp: Elizabeth MacPhee

                               7. Sunni Rae Gee

                               7. Daniel Merrill Gee

                               7. Christopher Jordan Gee

                          6. Erin Preston Gee

                            sp: Janice Dee Arvidson

                               7. Ryan Thomas Gee

                               7. Tiffany Elizabeth Gee

                     5. Vernon Ray Gee

                       sp: Barbara Baldwin

                4. Edgar Lafayette Gee

                  sp: Mary McKenna Cunningham

                     5. Ethelyn Gee

                       sp: Hendrickson

                          6. Sheryl Mary Hendrickson

                            sp: Carlos Warnick Pace

                               7. Lori Ann Pace

                               7. Dennis Pat Pace

                               7. Phillip Zane Pace

                          6. Nancy Ann Hendrickson

                     5. Norene Gee

                       sp: Ward

                          6. Ronald Willis Ward

                            sp: Ann Hixson

                               7. Suzanne Ward

                               7. Lisa Ward

                          6. Phillip Ward

                          6. Richard Ward

                            sp: Mary McKinney Cunningham

                4. John Ether Gee

                4. Emma Maude Gee

                4. Sarah Lois Gee

                  sp: Blair

                     5. Phillip Gee Blair

                       sp: Viva Harris

                          6. Sally Blair

                            sp: Zengel

                     5. Geneva Blair

                       sp: Maurice Moore

                          6. Gary Moore

                            sp: Nancy Steiner

                               7. Lanette Moore

                          6. Phillip Kent Moore

                            sp: Coleen Lott

                               7. Judi Moore

                               7. Maurice Howard Moore

                          6. Melba Blair Moore

                            sp: Elden Wallace Foulger

                               7. Scott Foulger

                               7. Michael Foulger

                               7. Brent Dee Foulger

                               7. Kent Dee Foulger

                               7. Kathy Foulger

                          6. Beth Blair Moore

                            sp: Herman Earl Hart

                               7. Jackson Blair Hart

                                 sp: Marsha Bachelder

                                    8. Stephen Hart

                                    8. Carrie Lynn Hart

                               7. William Charles Hart

                               7. Phillip Earl Hart

                            sp: Samuel Blair

                4. Ethyleen Gee

                4. Lenore Gee

                4. Loren Gee

                4. Alda Maryette Gee

                4. Geneva Eleanore Gee

           3. Agustus Gee

           3. Mary Gee

           3. John Gee

           3. Stephen Roe Gee

           3. Caroline Roe Gee

           3. Emma Rowe Gee

           3. Robert Hale Gee

      2. Sarah Caroline Gee

        sp: Timothy Botsford

      2. Amanda Melvina Gee

      2. Erastus Smith Gee

      2. Susan Eliza Gee

      2. Salmon Gee

      2. Electa Gee

      2. Martha Brewer Gee