of the

Descendants of

Ezra Spori Stucki and Erma Cook

We are currently seeking additional information about the following families:

Lund Cook Stucki

Anna Stucki and Leland Bert Wakefield

        Susan Wakefield

           Annalee Wakefield and Marshall T. Kennedy

                    Daniel Kennedy

                    Matthew Kennedy

                    Jessica Kennedy

                    Ryan Kennedy

        Neil Wakefield and Susanne Violet Lyons

                    Kolby Lee Wakefield

                    Ashley Ann Wakefield

                    Lauran Wakefield


John Richard Stucki and Shirley O'Lee Swan

           David Arthur Stucki

           Peter Lund Stucki

           Bryson Stucki


Lila Stucki and Wes Laurence

Linda Lawrence

J'lene Lawrence

Kerry Weston Lawrence

Katheryn Lawrence

Lisa Marie Lawrence

Erma Jean Lawrence


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