of the

Descendants of

Annie STUCKI and Daniel Coulson RICH

We are seeking additional information about the following families:

Ralph Daniel Rich and Nellie Dunford

Elva Jane Rich and Russell Athay

    Frank Tearle Athay

        Shaun Athay

        Gregg Athay

    Louann Athay

Elizabeth Rich and Alroy Guy West

    Mary Ann West and Verlyn Parker

Virginia Rich and John de Pencier Ballentyne

    Jean Ballentyne and Bryce Edward Lamb

    Janet Ballentyne and Howard Nielsen

Grant Stucki Rich and Darlene Naisbitt

    Daniel C. Rich and Thelma Tippets

    Larry Grant Rich and Dorothy Nye

    Jolene Rich and Randy Paul Mecham

Afton Rich and Keith Eugene Chase

    Gary Keith Chase

    Ann Chase and Robert Michael Bement

    Michael Rich Chase and Jana Dee Merrell

Gwen Rich and Lloyd Passey

    Annette Passey and Burton LeRoy Ludwig

    Barbara Passey and James Larry Earl

    John Rich Passey and Victoria Nelson

    Steven Lloyd Passey and April Gail Wurthrich

Amasa McKay Rich and Thelma Poulsen

    Andrew McKay Rich and Susan May Dahl

    David Lynn Rich and Kathleen McDonald

    Sue Ellen Rich and James Wahl

    Catherine Rich and Lawrence Hass

    Margaret Rich

    Charlotte Rich

Diane Rich and Marion Fielding Pearce

    Debra Pearce

    Nancy Pearce and Hans Cody McPherson

    Jo Anne Pearce and Roger J. Brinkerhoff

    Robert Rich Pearce and Karen Ann Gurtler

    Daniel Rich Pearce

    Judy Pearce and Richard L. Adams


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