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Note: Salmon's great-grandfather, Solomon Gee, came from Devonshire, England in about 1718, and settled in Lyme, New London, Connecticut. 

With regard to Solomon's heritage, we have a statement in Lyme Genealogies (Reference #_____) that he was born in Devonshire in 1698, and came to America after having been "prest into service" and put aboard a British "Man o' War."

The only Solomon Gee recorded in Devonshire within 7 years of 1698 was a baby that was christened December 28, 1703 in the Buckland Monachorum Parish.  His parents were Richard Gee and Mary.  (see FHL Batch # C050061, Source Call # 0916766, (Film) Printout Call # 0933170)

It was not entirely uncommon that children were not christened until 5 years after their birth, although this was not the usual practice.

This is the only record that we have regarding this individual.  There is no reference in Devonshire to a Solomon Gee until much later than one would expect our Solomon to be married, or even die.  We have no death record, no will, no probate record, no marriage record - no sign of our Solomon Gee in Devon after 1703.  We also have found no record of Solomon Gee on any British warship during this time period.

For these reasons, we make the following claims:

The Parish Records were written in Latin at the time of Ezechiell's birth, and had changed to English by the time his son Richard was born.  The family appears not to have had much prominence, because this writer could find no reference to these individuals other than the Parish Records.  But at least one other individual involved in public affairs at that time with the same last name was variously referred to as John Guy, John Gee, John Guye, and John Gye (See FHL book #_______). Please note that the Latin pronunciation of Guy is Gee (with the hard G).  It is from this that the family has insisted on the hard G sound.

How accurate are these claims?  Well, if anyone has information either confirming or proving any of them false, please write to geemj@geenet.org

I would love to hear from you.


Martell J. Gee

Bountiful, Utah