W. E. Gee Journal l

Colorado Mission: 1898 - 1900

Wed. Sept,1898. Went and saw Maney and family from there to see my best girl and her folks. Then started got as far as the long bridge.

Sept.22,1898. Got almost to Blackfoot. The weather was very chilly.

Sept.23, Still very cold got down to the Big Bend in the Portneuf River when I fell in.

Sept.25, Quite warm got to Preston and ate dinner with Uncle John after which we went on down to Lewiston.

Sept.26, Went up in Lewiston saw some of the boys and girls.

Sept.27, Went to Richmond called on Tempie found her away from home went up to the co-op bought some things. At night went up to see Uncle Ariah & family.

Sept.28, Went to Logan bought a ring sent it to Mary saw Etta who gave me a fine bow. At night had a nice oyster supper at Brig.

Sept.29, Went to Richmond saw Tempie, got my pin. At night had a fine dance got $7.25.

Sept.30, Went around and saw the folks helped Brig sack some grain. Addie took me to the train. Got in Bountiful all O.K.

Oct.1, Went to Salt Lake City got my instructions about going away. Went to Barton's got my clothing.

Oct.2, Stayed around home part of the day then went down to Noble's for a while.

Oct.3, Went to Uncle Harvey's got his temple clothes. Saw Aunt Louisa and Lois.

Oct.4, Went to Salt Lake City stayed all night with Mrs. Marshall. Had a fine time with some young folks who come in to bid me good bye.

Oct.5, Went through the temple and returned to Bountiful.

Oct.6, Had a round up with Birdie told her I did not care to keep her company any longer. Wrote to Mary.

Oct.7, Went to conference saw Birt Lewis and some other folks from Lewiston. Miss Hitt and I went home with Birdie and Aunt Helen locked us out.

Oct.8, Stayed about the place all day had another talk with Birdie. Took Miss Hitt up to Centerville.

Oct.9, Went to conference meet with Bro. Taylor and some of the Elders, found we did not have to leave until the 30th of Nov. Joe Burgeson went home with me.

Oct.10, Stayed about the place all day at night wrote to Etta.

Oct.11, Went to Salt Lake City got set apart and ordained a seventy by Apostle Lyman. Received some very good instructions regarding missionary matters.

Oct.12, Stayed at home all day and studied. At night went up and saw Aunt Louisa.

Oct.13, Stayed around home all day in the evening went over to the Live Stock and bought some things.

Oct.14, Wrote to Maney and in the after-noon mowed the lawn.

Oct.15, Took the horse and had him shod. Stayed home and studied.

Oct.16, Got a letter from Mary. Went to meeting after which I took a lady to the Dummy (?) and for which Aunt Helen gave me Hail Columbia.

Oct.17, Worked in the canning factory on account of Harold being sick. At night went to a missionary party at Aunt Louisa's.

Oct.18, Wrote to Mary. Cut some kindling wood for Mrs. Grant and studied.

Oct.19, Wrote to Ma, Edgar and Mary Cunningham. Studied and at night went to singing school.

Oct.20, Helped to wash and in the after-noon went to the Post. In the evening went to the Noble's.

Oct.21, Studied awhile. felt blue so walked out for a while.

Oct.22, Went to Salt Lake City bought some things and returned 6:25

Oct.23, Went to the Office got a letter from Mary and Etta. Went to meeting.

Oct.24, Stayed home all day learned sixteen verses in the bible, and read some in Orson Pratt's works.

Oct.25, Studied in day went to East Bountiful to a rally (Democratic) speaker B.H.Roberts.

Oct.26, Washed and studied

Oct.27, Filled Aun Helen's barn with hay.

Oct.28, Picked apples for Mrs.Grant, also went up in East for my laundry. At night to a rally.

Oct.29, Went to the city with Will Grant. Got Nellie's picture.

Oct.30, Went to Centerville to visit Will Parks.

Oct.31, Wrote to Mary received a letter from Mary

Nov.1, Washed. Went to school then down to Grant's

Nov.2, Went to Noble's and Grant's then went to Salt Lake City on the U.P.

Nov.3, Went to Salt Lake City on the Dummy. Took the morning train in company with Elder Taylor a.y. for Denver.  Travelled all that day arriving at Grand Junction just dark.

Nov.4, Arrived in Denver. Went to meeting. Got a room in the Saxon Hotel N.16th Arapahoe St. but ate at the Princeton.

Nov.5, Went to the meetings a feast and at night a dance and concert.

Nov.6, Had two meetings.

Nov.7, Made preparations to leave Denver. Had a meeting. went to a candy pulling.

Nov.8, wrote to Mary and some of the other folks. Went from Denver to Colorado Springs. 75 mi. stayed at Mr. Doyles overnight.

Nov.9, Visited the Saints in Colo. Sprgs. had a conversation with a spiritualist. Stayed again at Mr. Doyle's (2 mi)

Nov.10, Looked around Colo. Springs spent part of the day at Bro. Hosford's with the boys who were labouring in that place. At night went to Pueblo 45 mi. where we stayed in the station until morning.

Nov.11, Went to Bro. Cummings where we got a bed and slept until noon. Visited among the Saints then went down the river and stayed over night with Mr. Petry. (8)

NOV.12, Went from Mr. Patry's visited some friends, and landed at Cook's where we spent the night. (5)

Nov.13, Left Cooks 8 o'clock went to town prepared and went to meeting where I delivered my first sermon. Went to meeting again at night preached again Pueblo Branch gave us $2.75. (10)

Nov.14, Did our washing on Mrs. Colman's washer. Had a conversation with a man. Studied in the evening stayed at Mr. Cummings.

Nov.15, Stayed around town waiting for a letter did some little studying. (2)

Nov.16, Studied and knocked about town. Had a fine ride on a bycicle. (5)

Nov.17, Went from Pueblo to Laveta went as far as Walsenburg on the train from there we went to Laveta on foot arriving there at three in the morning bought a bed slept until seven. (71)

Nov.18, Got breakfast. Started from Laveta at nine. Walked to Garland 40 mi. After wandering around for a time found Wm Woodward's place where we stayed the night arriving there just in time to celebrate one of his children's first birthday. (40)

Nov.19, Went from Garland with Mr. Guyman in a wagon to Sanford a mormon town. On our way we crossed the Rio Grande River. We stayed at bishop Berthelsen 35 mi.

Nov.20, Wrote to Mary. Went to meeting where I had the pleasure of speaking to the Saints. We then went home with Bro. Mortensen where we stayed all night. Again at night we went to meeting. It being Y. M. M. I. A. Walked 1 mi.

Nov.21, Helped fix a bailor and bailed hay for Bp. Berthelsen (1 mi.)

Nov.22, Worked on the bailor Bro. Jas. Berthelsen told us some of his early experience.

Nov.23, Still worked on the bailor. Moved down to Mrs. McIntire's. (10 mi.)

Nov.24, Thanks Giving day had a fine dinner at Sanford meeting house. After dinner a childrens dance at night one for all and all were there. (1 mi.)

Nov.25, Worked on the bailor. Wrote to Wm Brown. (10 mi.)

Nov.26, Worked on the bailor. Bro Jim Berthelsen gave us some very good advice. (10 mi.)

Nov.27, Wrote to Ma. Went to meeting after which after which I went down to Miss Bailey's to dinner. The folks both bringing us home and taking us down. (5 mi.)

Nov.28, Cut wood in fore noon bust sister Berthelsen's window with a stick of wood bailed hay in after noon. (1 mi.)

Nov.29, Bailed hay. At night Elders Critchfield and Hancock came and we all went to Y.M.M.I.A. where I again preached. (1 mi.)

Nov.30, Again I worked on the bailor. At night had a good talk with Bros. Balis & Southwick who were around in behalf of the Y.M.M.I.A.

Dec.1, Finished working on the bailor tried to learn to play on the guitar.

Dec.2, Did our washing worked with the guitar.

Dec.3, Helped Bp Berthelsen fix his stable. Also helped change the seats in the school room. At night went to hear Prof. Bill lecture on Educational matters. After which I went to a surprise on Bro. Peterrson.

Dec.4, Went to Sunday School and meeting at night went to conjoint had a talk with the girls.

Dec.5, Packed our things had our patriarchal blessing mine is as follows:

Sanford, Conejous Co Colo. Dec.5, 1898.

A Patriarchial Blessing given by Jas. C. Berthelsen upon the head of Wm. E. Gee son of Erastus R. Gee & Geneva Telford. Born Tooele, Tooele Co, Utah. Oct. 17, 1875.

Brother Gee a chosen and beloved son of the Lord, with the honesty of your soul and with the obedience you have shown to your parents have the angles of God rejoiced over you and you will always be favored with the mind a will of God concerning you. You will be very obedient to the spirit of revelation, you will rise up and lie down go and come at its bidding. In the path of safety shall you tread. You shall enjoy great power to gather from the earth wherewith to bless and comfort your household. Liberal to comfort the poor. Just in your stewardship. Exempliary in meeting with the Saints on the Sabbath. Sweet and clean in your body and mind. Enjoy the gifts of wisdom, love and charity, with the gifts to heal the sick, to open the eyes of the blind. The devils shall flee at thy command. [You shall be a delitesome in your fathers household, for you shall excell in goodness. Worthily shall you share the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for you shall obey the commandments given unto them. Peace shall abide in your habitation and you shall enjoy the protection and blessings promised to the faithful.] In Zion you shall see the day you shall see the day that those who shall not observe shall perish by your right hand and by your left. The woes & cries of Babylon shall cause you to quiver. You are of the first born that of Ephraim. Thou shalt aid in blessing the children of Manassa and Judah. With joy shall you accept the law of consecration and aid in building the center stake of Zion. Remember and seek thy God in secret and you shall stand valiant amidst all adversities and trials and who-so-ever thou blesseth shall be blessed. I seal and confer these blessings upon your head with the promise of coming forth in the morning of the resurrection heir to thrones, principalities and powers. I do it as a patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ. A-men

At 2 o'clock left Sanford walked about 12 mi. to Bro. Summers where we stayed over night we found Elders Hancock and Crichfield there and we had a fine talk with them. (12 mi.)

Dec.6, Went from Bro. Summers to Alamosa. Went to see Mrs. Smith, Thomas and Barber taking dinner and supper with Bro. & Sister Barber who also gave us a fine lunch. At 7 o'clock we took train for Delta. Got to Salida about 10 at night bought a bed there.

Dec.7, At 7:30 in morning. Left Salida went over Tenn. pass got snow bound once. Arrived in Delta 2:15 and went to Mr. Fowels where we stayed over night.(70 mi.)

Dec.8, Wrote to Mary took my letter to the office on Bro. Fowels bycicle. Helped Bro. Fowels chore around traveled (6 mi.)

Dec.9, went from Bro.Fowels up the river to Mr. Forrests --- (Bro.Fowels) taking us up in his buggy. First night there we didn't do a thing to the bed only break it down and had to lay down on the floor (13 mi.)

Dec.10, In fore-noon helped feed stock in after cut wood and helped clean --- cabins (4 mi)

Dec.11, Washed dishes part of the day. Went to the Baptist church and there was no preacher hence no church. Went back and wrote letters (5 mi.)

Dec.12, Went from Forrest's down to Delta where Mr. Forrest paid for our dinner at the restaurant. rec'd letter from Ma, Harvey and Sister Kerr. Went to Bro. Fowels where we stayed over night. (15 mi.)

Dec.13, Went from Bro. Fowels. Sent some photos. Stayed around Delta until 12 0'clock then went upon the California Mesa and stayed over night with Bro. Line's.

Dec.14, Went from Bro. Line's to Bro. Jno. Keel's who treated us very kindly. Went and saw Mr. School trustee and secured the school house to hold meeting in. Had a very good conversation with the family (4 mi.)

Dec.15, Went from Bro. Lines to Bro. Keel's where we stayed over night. Went to Mr. Preacher had a talk with him on the Book of Mormon.

Dec.16, Went around and invited the people out to meeting Sister Lines letting us take the horse and buggy. At night held held meeting in the school house had almost 20 out to hear us. I spoke on faith about 10 minutes and Elder Hyde spoke on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Stayed at Sister Lines (6 mi.)

Dec.17, Went to Delta for my laundry took Sister Lines horse and buggy went up to Bro. Fowels stayed until the laundry come in and took his Bycicle and went and got it. Came back to Sister Lines. At night held a meeting where I spoke 10 or 12 minutes on baptism Bro. Hyde spoke on the Gospel. At night stayed with Bro. Keele. (27 mi.)

Dec.18, Went to Christian Union Sunday School and two meetings had a nice talk with Mr. Symons until we brought up the poligamy question then he got awful angry. Stayed with Bro. Lines. (5 mi.)

Dec.19, Stayed about Bro. Lines place and studied all day at night held meeting had seven there to hear us. Stayed over night at Bro. Lines.

Dec.20, Helped Bro. Lines kill a pig studied ate slept.

Dec.21, Elder Hyde went to Mont Rose with Thos. Lines. I stayed at the house cut up the pig studied helped do chores. Stayed at Bro. Lines.

Dec.22, Stayed at Bro. Lines until after noon when I went to Bro. Keeles where we blessed his baby Charles William Keele son of Ida & John Keele. Stayed there over night and broke his bed down.

Dec.23, Went from Keele's to Delta. Sister Lines gave me a pair of socks and a skull cap. Stayed over night at Bro. Fowels.

Dec.24, Went from Bro. Fowels down in Delta stayed around there until after noon when we came home with Mr. Forrest stayed over night.

Dec.25, Xmas had a bath. Ate Xmas dinner at Mr. Forrest's. Wrote to Mary stayed at Forrests.

Dec.26, Helped Mr. Forrest feed stock in fore noon after we did our washing. Stayed at Mr. Forrests.

Dec.27, Helped Phil Allen fix his hay rack and wagon and went down the road two miles and got a load of hay Saw an eclipse of the moon Stayed at Mr. Forrests Elder Hyde fixed a petition in the bed.

Dec.28, Went from Mr. Forrests down to Bro. Fowel"s where I spent my time in study and thinking of home. Stayed at Bro. Fowel's.

Dec.29, A very stormy day stayed in the house all day and

Dec.30, Helped Fowels haul ice and studied and at night had a talk on the various principals of the gospel the resurrection, creation,etc.

Dec.31, Helped Fowels haul ice again until noon in after noon read the paper and my Bible.

Jan.1, 1899, Sunday went to the Methodist meeting where I was invited to join the Sunday School. I stood while they were singing and when I sat down it was right on my plug hat only to mash the whole side out of it. At night I went to Presbyterian church heard a fine discourse. All of this happened in Delta. It was a very dull New Year.

Jan.2, Went from Fowels out on the Cal. Mesa rode a little way with a Catholic who was a fine old man. Got to Bro. Lines just dark where we stayed over night. Also rec'd letter from Uncle John which contained $2.00.

Jan.3, Went from Lines to Bro. John Kule where we stayed over night. It being a very cold day and night. In the evening we went to see Misters Traver and Preston with whom we had a very good talk they both being infidels not believing in any thing.

Jan.4, John Kule took us over to Mont Rose. Ate dinner with Mr. Day a relative of Keele's. Went to cort where they were trying one McClure for Bankruptsy. Stayed over night at Mr. Dahl's who was very kind to us.

Jan.5, Stayed about Mr. Dahls until 11 o'clock went out in town. From there we went out into the out skirts of town to see one Mr. Hightower who gave us a very warm reception. Elder Hyde took ill. Came back and stayed over night with Mr. Dahl.

Jan.6, Had breakfast with Mrs. Dahl after which we went over to see Mr. Hightower a Josephite member. He treated us very kindly gave up his bed to us. Told of the various manifestations he had had. Told of a Lady neighbor of his having a dream. She dreamed they were taking children to the army or putting them in a large enclosure for the purpose of aquifing them them for war. She having two children one of them was taken. She thought she was passing by this place and saw her son and a man hold up a flag to her saying "see what a flag your son is going to fight under she turned it around and saw Brigham Youngs picture with his name written on it. It happened the day we got into town.

Jan.7, Stayed at Mr. Hightowers almost all day then went to Mr. Dahl's where we stayed over night.

Jan.8, Sunday. Hyde went to meeting but I not having a very clean shirt stayed at home. At night went to Methodist Church. Met the Minister Mr. Merrill. Stayed with Hightowers. Elder Hyde stayed at the Hotel.

Jan.9, Went from Montrose to Bro. Keele's on Cal. Mesa. Rode with a man a short distance who was going up on the North Fork of Gunnison River said he would go to our meetings if he was there at the time we held them. Said he wished I was going farther so we could talk on religous matters.

Jan.10, Helped Bro. Keeles kill a pig and get some water from the mormon well which is about three miles distance from his house.

Jan.11, Went from Keeles to Lines where we stayed over night.

Jan.12, Went from Lines to Delta rode with an infidel by the name of Preston who invited us to come and stop with him. Went down the Gunnison river about three miles to Park's where we stayed over night. Got a Xmas cake from Mary.

Jan.13, Went from Bro. Parks to Delta looking for someone to ride up to the North Fork country with. Got some underware from home also a letter and some of Orson's and wife wedding cake. Went back down to Bro. Park's. Got acquainted with Miss Openshaw from Utah a lady who was out on a visit to one of her sisters. Went to a hoe down waltzed once that with Miss Openshaw. Got tired of such stuff walked home got there at 12 o'clock the dancers remaining until 2 o'clock. Miss Openshaw went home and left her partner would have walked her home but her partner sent his little Bro. home with her.

Jan.14, Stayed at Park's all day. Wrote to Nellie & Belle. Studied some. In the eve went up to Al. Park's for a while.

Jan.15, Went to Alma Park's for dinner. Elder Hyde & the Park's had a discussion on authority. Went over to see Miss Openshaw and get Elder Hyde's overcoat as he had left it there for her to fix. Went back to Park's continued the discussion, Old man Park got very angry.

Jan.16, Went from Park's to Hotchkiss. Stayed over night with Mr. Hotchkiss an infidel of freethinker. At first he told us we could not stay but invited us to stop and rest and have supper which we were glad to do. After they made up their minds they could keep us They gave us a very good bed and it seemed very good after walking 29 mi. through snow and mud.

Jan.17, Went from Hotchkiss to Paonia, but before we left Mr. Hotchkiss told us we were welcome at his home whenever we wanted to come. On our way to Paonia we finished eating my Xmas cake. Stayed over night with Mr. Summer. Elder Hyde went to a Christian Union Revival but I having a severe headache stayed at the house.

Jan.18, Had a light touch of La Gripp stayed in the house and studied all day. Elder Hyde went to Hotchkiss for our grip which we sent there by stage. Stayed with W. E. Summer.

Jan.19, Went to Mr. Stephen's on our way we called on Mr. Ratcap. At night we called on Mr. Wade he and his wife being musicians gave us gave us some nice music. Got acquainted with Miss Rhead. Wrote to Ma.

Jan.20, Wrote to Aunt Jimmie Orson and Harvey. Went up to Mr. Summers again where I stayed over night. Elder Hyde staying with Mr. Stephen's.

Jan.21, Stayed around the house and studied until evening when I and Mr. Summer went down town to attend a dance but there being no one there came back.

Jan.22, Went to the Methodist Sunday School and Meeting. In Sunday School I and the teacher and Minister had a set too on baptism. We then went to see the trustees about getting the school to hold meetings in could not get it.

Jan.23, Went and saw the trustees of the Dry Gulch school House, secured it to hold some meetings in. I was not feeling very well had a touch of La Gripp.

Jan.24, I went and had the school teacher announce our meeting in school, went to two other houses and to them. Elder Hyde Posted two notices in town. At night we held a meeting had a very good turn out. the school room being almost full. (faith) Got a letter from Tempie.

Jan.25, Went to P.O. got a letter from Mary Edgar. went back to the house and studied for the meeting at night. At 7:30 or some where about we commenced our meeting. Elder Hyde spoke on repentence and I on baptism. We had a fair size crowd out.

Jan.26, Went to the Post came back and studied. Mr. Summer told us that the Methodists sent written invitations to the people to come to their Prayed meetings in order to keep them from coming to our meeting, but we got a crowd nevertheless. There were two or three drunken mugs from town there but the constable being there they kept quiet.

Jan.27, Studied. Elder Hyde went to the Post got a letter from Mary, which I ans'd. Mr. Decker brought some meat and a bottle of fruit to feed us on said he could not fix us comfortably at his house. At night we held a meeting had a fine turn-out and were offered a choir for next night which we gladly accepted.

Jan.28, Mr. Summer and I went down town for mail. Then we went up to Mr. Turner's to dinner where we were invited the night before. Got acquainted with two Misses Turner. At night we held another meeting. Someone locked the School House door but Mr. Decker crawled in at the window and unlocked it. Had a good crowd.

Jan.29, Went to Christian Union Meeting Rev. Winfry. After meeting we were invited down to Mr. Stevens for dinner had a fine dinner and returned just in time to fill an invitation by Mrs. Gunn to supper. Elder Hyde and Mr.Summer went to church but I stayed and talked with Mr. Decker who called in and spent the evening.

Jan.30, Mr. Summer took us to Hotchkiss where we intended to hold meetings but owing to Mr. Hotchkiss's being away and he being our only friend, we went to Crawford and stayed with Mr. Philip's where we arrived at 8 p.m. Mrs. Philips is a Mormon woman

Jan.31, Went to see the trustees concerning the School House. Went to see Mr. Stoner's he being away she, Mrs. Stoner, was quite sasy. But we secured the House just the same. Went over to Mr. Reeds where we stayed over night. He loaned us two ponies and we went to the P.O. got our grip.

Feb.1, 1899, Helped Mr. Reed do up his work then went down town advertised meeting came back to Mr. Philips got a horse and buggy went out tracting. At night we held a meeting and had some drunken guys there but they were not very noisy. came back out and stayed with Mr. Philips.

Feb.2, A stormy day. Elder Hyde went to the P.O. got me a letter from Ma. Stayed about the house until meeting time when I took sister Phillips up in the buggy. We were invited to Mr. Collins that night but on going there after meeting we found they had all gone to bed. So we walked back to Mr. Phillips again.

Feb.3, Went to the store and P.O. came back and sit in the house it being a very stormy day. We had a meeting announced but it was stormy we could not have any so we stayed at the house and sang songs.

Feb.4, Advent Sabbath and we went to Sabbath School and Bible class at the close they called on me to dismiss which I did and then Mr. Wiley the Superintendent invited me and Mr. Kenedy the preacher invited Elder Hyde home. Mr. Wiley gave me a great stiff on the Sabbath question thought he would make an Advent out of me. At night we held a meeting and had a good turn-out all advents. Stayed with Mr. Collins.

Feb.5, THE Sabbath went to a meeting in the Ong Hall. After we went up to Mr. Reed's stayed a while had supper then went and held a meeting had a very good turn-out but not an Advent. We stayed again with Mr. Collins.

Feb.6, Helped Mr. Collins feed stock then went to Mr. Philips. Elder Hyde went to P.O. At night held a meeting had a good crowd though it was a very cold night. Elder Hyde froze his ear going to meeting.

Feb.7, Studied in the fore-noon. In the after-noon helped Mr. Reynolds haul hay at night we sang songs until bed-time. stayed at Mr. Philips.

Feb.8, Went from Mr. Philips to Mr. Reed's who soon after we arrived came home drunk and did more talking in about two hours than Mary-Jane Ras. could do in three.

Feb.9, Still at Reeds. Helped do the work then studied Ridpath a while. Went on one of Reed horses and got the mail. At night some fellows come to the house and they played cards. I dont know how long for Elder Hyde and I went to bed at 9:30.

Feb.10, Helped Mr. Philiph feed stock until noon had dinner then went to the P.O. and store to see about holding services, found we could get the room Sunday and decided to hold an after-noon and evening service.

Feb.11, Got a letter from Ma containing five dollars which some one had opened but it was all O.K. Went up to Mr. Jno. Collins who gave us a very warm reception. had a good gospel talk with him. Stayed over night with him.

Feb.12, Went from Mr. Collins to Philips. prepared . went to Mrs. Augs Hall held a meeting in after noon and one at night. Made some very warm friends. Mrs. Aug Gave us one dollar also let us use her Hall free. Stayed with Mr. Wood.

Feb.13, Went from Crawford to Hotchkiss on a load of hay. Tried to get a hall from Mr. Niles a spritualist who told us we were teaching a false doctrine and that it would be known in the Twentieth Century. So said his spirits. At night we went to Christian Union Revival. Saw three young Ladies get religion. Stayed with Luther Collins. School boy.

Feb.14, Stayed around house all day and studied also wrote to Ma and Mrs. Kerr. Elder Hyde went and talked with Niles.

Feb.15, Went from Hotchkiss to Eckert on our way found a young man fast on a hill, helped him up and then rode with him. Arrived at Forrests early and there we stayed all night.

Feb.16, Went from Mr. Forrests to Delta got a letter from Mary and Orson telling me of Carl Kent being frozen to death on the 5th of Feb. Went up to Mr. Fowels got our cloths and went down the river about four miles to Al Parks where we stayed over night.

Feb.17, Stayed about the house and talked until four o'clock then took a little walk trying to kill a rabbit but saw none.

Feb.18, Rode with Bro. John Park up on to the California Mesa stopped at Delta for awhile got our mail and sent off some letters. Stayed over night with Bro. Lines.

Feb.19, Sunday. Elder Hyde went to C.U. Church but I stayed at the house and studied Luthur. At night went home with Bro. Keele.

Feb.20, Did our washing at Keele's then went with him to the cedars for wood. At night we went over to Mr. Roatcaps where we stayed over night.

Feb.21, Studied all day.

Feb.22, Went to Delta got our mail then went up to Fowels and I went back down town on Fowels byke. Stayed with Bro. Fowels.

Feb,23, Went down Town on Fowels byke on my return the pedal caught the chain and broke it so had to lead the thing home. As there had been a change in affairs we went back up on the California Mesa. Elder Hyde was called to go to Arizona.

Feb.24, Went from Bro. Lines to Bro. Keeles where we stayed over night.

Feb.25, Stayed around the and studied.

Feb.26, Went with Bro. Keele to mormon well for water.

Feb.27, Went over to Olathe with Bro. Keele. Elder Hyde went to Delta got the mail a from Mary none from Tempie.

Feb.28, Went to Canon with Bro. Keele. at night went to Bro. Lines. Got my grip. Wrote to Mary.

Mar.1, Rode from Cal. Mesa to Olathe with Bro. Keele from there we rode with a gentleman driving four mules and leading two. We thought it no disgrace to ride into Montrose behind mules for Christ rode into Jerusalem on one. We called on Bro. Dahl had dinner then went out to Bensen's where we stayed over night.

Feb.2, Came from Bensen's to Dahl's on our way found a colt in the creek which could not get out we worked an hour or so with no success passed and would not help so we went on. I wrote

(Editor's note: At this point there is a gap in the record. Hopefully, we can find the missing pages)




Oct.26 [1899], Went to Palisade on foot got my mail and then went over to Fruita by rail. Went to Sister Keele's got my things went down to Bro. Mace's and stayed over night.

Oct.27, Helped Bro. Mace pick apples and prepare for winter. At night he took me to Fruita Hotel and paid my way, so I could get to train on time next morning.

Oct.28, Left Fruita at 7 o'clock and at 9:30 I left Grand Junction for Montrose to join Elder Lewis where I had been order. Arrived at 12:45 and Bro. Keele being expecting man took my grip to his home where I found Elder Lewis. At night we went to "Mud Slinging Rally" (Democratic).

Oct.29, Went to Congregational Church and then went back to Bro. Keele's and studied.

Oct.30, Went to P.O. sent for Bro. Mace's D. News. Went to Reading Room for awhile, then down to Hightower's but he was away, so went back out to Bro. Dahl's where we stayed over night.

Oct.31, Started up River but it stormed so we could not do so. Stayed at Bro. Shurtz all day and studied and talked.

Nov.1 to Nov.20, Went up Unconpahgn River and held a meeting stayed with Al Price. In going Elder Lewis borrowed Shurtz' horse and I their bycicle the horse was lame and I broke the bike when I was about two miles away. Took in to leave it at place and the man let me take his. We went on up and let the horse stand in a correll with nothing to eat. This however did not disable him so but what we got back ok. We then took the train for Delta stayed with Fowel's over night and next morning took his horse and buggy and went to see Sister Forrest. Stayed there over night and next day took a train for Grand Junction. Stayed over night with Sister Eddins. Then went up to Carnes and stopped with Burkett three nights after which we continued our journey up into the Plateau, where we held some meetings. One at Clover and one at Collbran. Called on all friends that Mc and I had found on our previous visit. Nov.21, Went to see Owen Crane but he was away so we stayed over night and went on down to Chasworths.

Nov.22, Went down town to Mesa and tried to get a place to hold meeting but all in vain. We met an old gentleman(?) who proved to know a lot about the Mormons but after talking to him awhile he got so mad he could not sit still. We then went to DeBeque arriving there about an hour after dark.

Nov.23, Went to Cameo and stayed with Bro. Robinson two days.

Nov.25, Went to Fruita arrived there just before bed time. Stayed with Bro. Jacob Keele.

Nov.26, Went to Bro Mace's and 27 had a wash day.

Nov.28, Went to Grand Junction with Bro. Burkett and rented a room from Judge Sulivan.

Nov.29, Went out tracting and met some very hostile people.

Nov.30, Walked out to Fruita and had dinner with Bro Burkett and went back to Bro. Mace's.

Dec.1, 1899, Walked back to Grand Junction and rested.

Dec.2, Went to see Sugar Factory. Met a very hostile Advent lady, but before leaving her she gentled down some-what.

Dec.3, Went to Sugar Factory found Bro. Shurtz. Went out to Indian School.

Dec.4, Took a byke and went out to see County Com. Harris also trustees of Columbine School.

Dec.5, Went out tracting at night Bro. Shurtz called on us and stayed until ten P.M.

Dec.6, Was out tracting most of the day found some very hostile people. They who would receive our tracts at all would just reach out around the door as if fearing perhaps we might try to come in the house.

Dec.7, Out tracting again same experience.

Dec.8, Went out five miles to see County Commissioner Harris about Court House got his consent. appointed a meeting. Went back and went out tracting found a family who invited us to supper which invitation we accepted. We ate or drank something during the day which almost killed us both.

Dec.9, Was sick all day or ailing and it was a very disagreeable day so we were in our room most of the day.

Dec.10, Studied until 5 oclock then went out to Columbine School House to hold meeting. There was only two ladies came out so we did not hold.

Dec.11, Was a very stormy day and we stayed about the house most of the time.

Dec.12, Had no tracts so could do nothing in day. At night had meeting only four came out. Two them were Mormons and they invited us to their house which invitation we gladly accepted.

Dec.13, Called on Bro. Hyde and took dinner there. Went to room and studied.

Dec.14, Our tracts came. In the forenoon we went down to Bro. Hyde's to baptize two of his children but was so cold we could not. In afternoon went out tracting. Usual experience.

Dec.15 to 22, Worked around in Grand Junction.

Dec.23, Helped to get things in order for Xmas and Wedding.

Dec.24, Went to Bro. Mace's and stayed over night.

Dec.25, Went back to Bro. Keele's prepared and at 1 o'clock married Huston Kendall to Estella Keele. At night went to a party until 11:15 and then took train Gd. Jct.

Dec.26,27 and 28, worked in Gd. Jct. Held our meeting.

Dec.28 to Jan.10, Went to White Water and held three meetings sold a number of books. Had to lay in the school house on a bench with a large dictionary for a pillow. Went back to Junction and tried to get some of the outlaying school houses but the trustees thought a week of consultation was necessary.

Dec.29 to Jan.27 Worked in Grand Junction. Helped to put up Bro. Mace's ice. Got a letter from Bro. to leave Gd. Jct.

Sunday Jan 28 I baptized four persons namely: Susa Shurtz for her health; Gladys Shurtz daughter Peter Shurtz and Isabelle Reynolds born Dec 19, 1981 at Ashley, Uinta Co, Utah I also confirmed her a member of the Church; Angeline Hyde daughter of W. E. Hyde and Emma Tolman born Honeyville, Utah; Ray Lynn Hyde born at Monticelle, April, 1891 confirmed by


Jan.29, Held a meeting in a friend's house.

Jan.30, Had another appointment but two giddy girls is all that came. By name Miss Birch and Miss Keller.

Jan.31, Went from Mr. Haldrens about 7:30 on our way to Palisade. Went to P. O. it being closed went down and bid Bro. Hyde's folks good bye. Went then to P.O. did our business and went out to Bro. Shurtz's. They being gone left word for us to remain over, which we did.

February 1, 1900. At 7:30 A.M. we started form Shurtz's expecting to go to Palisade and hold some meetings but on arriving there were disappointed in getting a place in which to hold. After trying for some hours to get the school house the only public building in town. We were told and not politely either, we could not have the building. As we had no friends there that would keep us our only alternative was to go to "Cameo" a small mining camp some four and a half miles away where we expected to meet a friend, but on reaching Cameo we were informed that a "strik" had just occured and that our friend who did not come out on the "strike" had been forced to leave. Our hopes for a time were almost shattered. To go back to Palisade was useless and we being both hungry and tired did not feel equal to the task of walking to DeBeque. We went to the mine and interviewed the boss and were told by him of a young man who our friend had left in charge of his things I then went into mine and saw him. He was willing and eager to accomodate us with what we could eat and a bed.

Feb.2, A somewhat cool day with chilly wind. We got up about 8 1/2 and waded through dirty dishes and grease and prepared our breakfast. After enjoying (?) our meal we proceeded to wash dishes some of which had several coats on them. We got dinner for the boys (Mr. Birt Young and Elisha Kendall) then washed dishes again, read, wrote and prepared supper.

Feb.3, A fine day. Got up at 7:10 feeling fine. Got our breakfast and started for DeBeque at 9 oclock. On our way a freight train very heavily loaded traveling at a very slow rate. We made up our minds to take a ride and accordingly I took one side of the track and Elder Lewis the other. As the engine passed me the engineer waved for me to get on. I grabbed the steps and swung on and went to the other side and Elder Lewis was trying to get on but failed so I not wanting to leave him to walk alone got off again. We got to DeBeque at just 3 oclock and found uncle Dan alright. We slept at Moore's Hotel uncle Dan paying our way.

Feb.4, Sunday. Stayed and talked on the Gospel with Uncle Dan then at night to M. E. Church. After church Uncle Dan read some of his poems to us.

Feb.5, First in morning we straightened up Uncle Dan's house and washed his towls and dish rags. We then prepared to go up Cow Creek a tributary of Roen Creek. Saw Mr. Conwell one of the school directors of that district and got his consent to use the S.H. At 12:30 we started up Roen Creek arriving at Mr. Romer's at 2:30. We had several good Gospel talks and stayed over night with him.

Feb.6, Went and notified the people of our meeting and landed at Mr. Armstrong's for dinner. Went by invitation to Mrs. Knolin's for supper and after meeting went and stayed over night with Mr. Armstrong.

Feb.7, A stormy day snowed and blowed most all day. Went from Armstrong's to Mr. Romer's and had dinner. After which we went down to DeBeque. Got some letters and at night wrote letters and stayed at Hotel Moor.

Feb.8, Stayed all day with Uncle Dan and talked on Gospel all day.

Feb.9, At noon we left Uncle Dan's for Parachute. On our way we were invited to eat dinner with a cowboy by name Walker. We then went on. At sundown we called at a little cabin. There were two men living there who rustled us some supper and gave us their bed and they slept on the floor. We spent a very pleasant evening singing songs and talking.

Feb.10, Started from Kennedy's at 9 oclock made a few calls, got to Batlement at 1:30. Had dinner and secured School House and appointed a meeting for Monday eve. Went on to Parachute but just before our arrival the only available Hall, to speak, was taken. We then went back to Battlement and stayed over night.

Feb.11, After reading for an hour or so we went to Parachute and sat in the Station and almost froze waiting for meeting time. After attending Methodist Communion Services we bought ten cents worth of "Ginger snaps" and walked up the tracks eating and discussing our condition. We decided to get a room so accordingly spent fifty cents of our book money for it. We then took a good cleaning up the first in two weeks. At night went to hear the Rev. Passmore preach on the coruption of the Methodist Church from which he had been recently expelled.

Feb.12, Went upon Battlement Mesa and made arrangements for our meeting. Went to see Mr. Vance one of the trustees. We found him to be a very nice man. He gave us dinner and invited us back to stay over night which we did. Went to S.H. about four or as soon as school was out and studied. Had a fair crowd out to meeting but neither of us could speak.

Feb.13, At 9 A.M.started for Rifle. Went to Parachute and got our mail. We followed the R.R.and visited the houses along. One woman invited us in and we talked for awhile but when we told her we were "Mormons" her eyes nearly poped out of her head. We arrived at Rifle just at sundown and having a few cents we bought a bed and some bread, Ginger Snaps and cheese and had a feast(?).

Feb.14, We were unable to secure a house in which to hold meeting at Rifle, so we went on to Antlers. We secured the School House and had our meeting announced. Had a few good listeners but most of them were young giddy boys and girls who come out to laugh. We announced our mode of travel and gave some broad hints about a bed and a meal but no one took us home. We made up our minds to sleep on a bench and was ready when a man came and told us to go home with him. This we gladly did.

Feb.15, Sit at Mr. Livingstons and read until 10 oclock then we walked out along the track and sat down and read until we got so cold we could stand it no longer and went back to Mr. Livingstons then went to school house and at 7:30 our congregation came and we commenced meeting. Stayed over night with Mr. King. We had a very long Gospel talk with him.

Feb.16, After a good nights rest and a good breakfast we Started for New Castle. Arriving just after noon. We rustled about town to get a place in which to hold some meetings. We at least got the Town Hall or Hose House. The Marshal promised to open the door for us. It was a very cold night and we waited for the door to be opened until we were nearly frozen. At about 7:30 the door was opened and our crowd came but it was so cold they went away again. Two or three remained and talked with us for awhile and one took us home to supper but could not lodge us. We found a man during the day who had lived in Utah, so he asked us to stay with him. He was a bachelor living in a dugout of the rankist type. He had only a one manned cot to sleep in. After we had eaten we went to his hole-in-the-earth and he was gone. We looked and waited until we were nearly frozen, but he did not come. His door was locked by a pad-lock and staple so I just pulled the staple and in we went and made a fire. As soon as we got warm we got sleepy and when the man came in imagine his surprise to see us both sitting in chairs with our heads on the table fast asleep. We told him our tale of woe and made all right and he went to bed. We still occupied the table and chairs. We kept a warm fire and about midnight we roasted him out of bed and we took it until morn. The bed we had was only large enough for one so we had to lay half on the bed and half off. we were glad when morning came.

Feb.17, Went to Glenwood and had a bath in those noted springs only .50c each. Got a room and began operations at once. Tracked or tracted 1/2 of the town on our last day ran on to a band of outlaw women. Got starved out and could get no place to hold meetings so on Feb.23, we left for New Castle. We lived from 17 to 23 on $1.40. In New Castle we held services in the Church building and at night had to sleep in the building. We had but one scuttle of coal and at midnight we took the scuttle and went along the R.R. track and gathered enough coal to keep from freezing.

Feb.24, Went from N.C.to Antlers and stayed overnight with Ira Olsen. A very nice man.

Feb.25, Held a meeting at Antlers had a very good crowd out.

Feb.26, Left Antlers for Rifle after arriving there we tried to get the church or some other place in which to hold meetngs but failed. We then went to Beaver Creek and again failed to get a house. We hunted around for trustees until dark. It was raining very hard and went to a man's door and asked for entertainment at first he thought he could not keep us. He told us to come in and have supper and we did and he concluded to keep us. He was a spiritualist but a very nice man.

Feb.27, Went on down the River to Parachute. We intended to hold some meetings but Mr. Passmore was still shouting so we got the Battlement School House.

Feb,28 Notified the people of our meeting then studied and at night had a very good time at meeting. One young man enjoyed our preaching fifty cents worth.

March 1, 1900. Held another meeting. We then made our way down to DeBeque arriving there about noon. We stayed at Uncle Dan's until 8 oclock when a freight train came. We had forty cents and we told the con we would give him what we had if he would carry us to Grand Junction. After making some inquiries of the agent he carried us. Offered us supper and a bed. We arrived in G.J.at 9:30 going to Shurtz"s where we stayed until the following Tuesday when we went out to help Bro. and Sister Mace clean their orchard. While out there I rec'd a letter or two one calling me to act as president of West conference and the other saying they had changed and Elder Peart was to act. Called on and stayed one night with Bro. Burkett.

Feb.12, Went back to Grand Junction looked around and found us a room on Sixth St.

Feb.13, Had a call from Elmer Jamison a traveling evangelist. Walked around and secured court house in which to hold meetings. studied some.

March 26 to April 1, Worked on Grand Junction Streets for money to go to conference as we had received counsel not to send home for money. This was my first experience in politics it was near city election and we Elders (Avis and I) became acquainted with some of the candidates and in order to get our votes they gave us work. Tho no agreement was made whatever. It was about this time that formed an aquaintence with Mrs. Briley who gave us a home as long as we remained in Junction and almost cried when we left.Mar.18 and 19, We held meeting out at Pear Park school House 6 miles east of Junction.

March 25, at 6:10 we took train for Denver. We had the pleasure of meeting Elder McClellen and wife on their way home. Arrived in Denver at 10 o'clock and found a room on 10th St. between Stout anc California. Held a few sessions of conference and received many good instructions from Apostle J. W. Taylor and Pres. of Seventies Rulon S. Wells. Had a party just before leaving at which all seemed to enjoy themselves.

April 4, Left Denver for Montrose in company with Elder Coombs my future companion and Elders Lewis and Hardy.

April 5, Arrived in Montrose am 6. Held a meeting in Court. Had not many out but Mr. Sharp owner of a hotel took two of us for two days and nights gratis. We held a few more meetings and had to sleep in Court House so we left and went to California Mesa where held some more meetings and Elder Coombs and I left the other boys and went to Delta where we held a few meetings.

May 27, We had a meeting appointed but no one came out only two women we did not hold.

May 28, We left Delta and went upon Cal. Mesa to Sister Lines arriving there just before sundown.

May 29, Rested, studied, hoed weeds, and planted corn.

May 31, Went up in Coal Creek Basin and held a meeting. Stayed with Mr. Seeley who is a very nice man though a great josher.

June 1, Went back to Bro. Lines.

June 4, Went to Montrose expecting to go to Ouray but got word from Pres. Bingham telling us to go the other way. Went back to Bro Lines that night and on the way had a great set to with Mr. Hilky.

June 5, Went to Delta and Bro. Fowels gave us two days work to get money to go to Grand Junction.

June 6 and 7, Worked.

June 8, Went to Grand Junction and found Sister Briley who was just as good as she could be. Gave us our same room and told us if we could help her we might eat with her also.

June 9, Rested and talked with Sister Briley.

June 10, Went and visited my friends.

June 12, Held a meeting in Court House.

June 16, Went out in country and held meeting in Loback School House.

From June 17 to 23, Studied as the weather was excessively hot. On 23 Held a meeting in Country again.

June 24, Went out and saw Bro. and Sister Aisson(?). Had a very good visit.

June 30, Held another meeting at Loback S.H. after which Sister Briley, Susie, Elder Coombs and I Came to Junction a distance six miles. The conveyance was a buck-board rather old and lame horse. Elder Coombs and I went to walk so we took off our coats and hats and gave them to the Sisters to haul for us. They drove slow and we walked fast until one of the party suggested that one of us ride the horse (poor lame thing) and the other get on back of the buggy. My choice was the buggy and I stayed with until I got home. Elder Coombs tried the horse but preferred walking. We reached home at 12 M. all feeling fine after such a delightful moon-light ride and walk.

July 4,______Studied during the week and July 7 held another meeting out in the country.

July 10, Held my first street meeting. Had a fine crowd.

July 13, Held another street meeting.

July 14, Held meeting Loback Dist. but owing to a School meeting being held in the School House we held in a private house. that of Mr. Bowen. Had a house full and a splendid meeting.

July 16, Went out to Bro. Shurtz on Byke.

July 17, Came back and at night had another meeting on street. had a good Crowd.

July 18, Had a wash day.

July 19, Went to work in beet field for Bro. Shurtz and worked until the end of the week, then worked for Mr. Mulen for a few days.

August 9, 1900. The folks Elders Cannon and Coombs, Sister Shurtz, Sister Briley, Bro. Shurtz, and the children went to the mountains on a pleasure trip. I was unable to go on account of having to go to Denver so soon.

August 13, at 1 o'clock A.M. I took train for Denver arriving there at 5 o'clock P.M. very tired and not feeling very well.

August 14, Went about town got my grips from station.

August 15, Went out tracting with Elder Wm. Peterson, he taking one side of the street I the other and we both got some very good Gospel conversation. At night held a meeting. My first on the Streets of Denver. Had a fair crowd.

Aug 16, In fore noon studied and at 2 o'clock Bro. Hillens from Salt Lake City took us to dinner at Manhattan Restaurant. I then went with him out to Rocky Mt. Lake then to University Park one of which is in the extreme north end of Denver the other in the south. On our return he bought a melon and we took it to his room and ate it. At night we all went out to City Park to the band concert returning at 11 o'clock.

Aug.17 Studied fore noon and in after-noon went out tracting.

Aug,18 Called on a sick man who was investigating and had a good long talk with him after which I went out to south Denver to see Bros. Crichfield and Luer. Came back at night held a meeting. Bro. Crichfield's and at the close said he would not do it again if all the people of Denver went to Hell.

Aug.19, Went to Sunday school after which went to dinner with Bro. Long. At night went to meeting in the Hall where Bro. Griggs delivered his farewell address. After he was through I spoke for a few minutes.

Aug.20, Went to Bro Divett's had a wash day. Went back to room and swept office. Bro. Miller arrived. Held a meeting on street.

Aug.21, Went and visited Bro. Smail who was sick. After noon Elder Miller and I went out tracting and at night went to Sister Divett's to Bro. Griggs' farewell party. had a very nice time.

Aug.22, Went to station to see Bro. Griggs off. Went and practiced singing for awhile after-noon went out tracting met some very cold indifference. Met a relative of Brigham Young's who told us a great deal about Mormons. At night went to Bro. Hick's and got lost but came out alright.

Aug.23, Went out tracting. Had not very good luck. Got tracts into only one half the houses visited. At night went out into South Denver and held a cottage meeting.

Aug.24, Went to see Bro. Snail and in afternoon went out tracting. At night spoke to the side-walk.

Aug.25, Cleaned up and studied.

Aug.26, Sunday. Went to S.S.school and from there to Bro. D Wett's for dinner and supper. At night I occupied the time in meeting treating upon the "Signs which are to preceed the Second coming of Christ."

Aug.27 Went to Sister DWett's and did our washing. Received a letter from Ma containing some money. At night held meeting on street.

Aug.28, Went out tracting after which we went out to South Denver and held a meeting. After meeting Elder McRae and I went back to room.

Aug.29, Went to see Bro. Smail. Got a box of the most delicious fruit I had for a long time. It came from Grand Junction sent by Sue. Went out tracting and at night held meeting on street corner.

Aug.30, Went out tracting. At 6:30 Bro. Savage from S.L.City took us to the Princeton Restaurant to supper. After supper He and Bro. Foster took us out to Mr. Suess' place where we spent an enjoyable evening.

Aug.31, Went out tracting and at 5:30 went with Bros. Savage and Foster to Restaurant for supper. Held a meeting.

Sept.1, 1900. Went to see Bro. Smail after which I went city library and went through the books gaining some good information. At night held meeting on street.

Sept.2, Sunday. Went to S.S. and meeting. After meeting Bro. Critchfield took us to Manhattan Restaurant for dinner. At night held meeting in Hall.

Sept.3, Labor Day. Saw parade in afternoon went out to Elitch's Gardens and had a nice time. Went to Theatre "Prince of World."

Sept.4, Wash day. Went to South Denver held a meeting. At night had a bug hunt and find.

Sept.5, Went to Hall and practiced singing and then went to room wrote a letter, studied and went out tracting. Went to Bro. Healey's for supper and at night held meeting on street.

Sept.6, Went to Library and studied for awhile. Came back went over to Bro.Long's and helped them move from one house to another. at night went to Bro. Divett's for supper and singing practice.

Sept.7, Went out tracting and found one of the best old ladies I ever met. When I left her home she blessed me and tears come to her eyes and I almost had to cry. For supper bread and milk.

Sept.8, Did nothing only clean up for Sunday.

Sept.9, Sunday. Went to S.S. took Bro. W.R.Petersen to the Manhattan for dinner. At night went to meeting. Stayed over night with Bro. Divett.

Sept.10, Had a washday. Got a box of peaches from Grand Junction and it was just fine. Elder Tenny took me to the Theatre. A minstral. Stayed over night with Bro. Tenny at room on Stout bet. 21st and 22nd.

Sept.15, Went to Douglas Co. to Franktown to join Elder Siddoway rode out with Mr. Converse. Stayed over night there.

Sept.16, Went to Sunday School then to Wilson's and Christianson's and found Elder Siddoway. Stayed at Mr. Wilson's

Sept.17, Had our meeting announced in school. Went to Mr. Comverse's and stayed over night.

Sept.18, Went to P.O. and helped Mrs. Converse. At night held a meeting. Had but five out to listen. A very cold windy evening.

Sept.20, Went from Mr. Converse's to Hill Top where we hoped to hold some meetings but were unable to secure a school House in which to hold. There being no other Public buildings nor no encouragement to stay , we went to Parker 8 miles away. There we were successful in getting the school house but not in getting a place to stay. We asked first at the Hotel and were refused, so we started south along the road and made up our minds to get entertainment or get refused at every house. So we took it alternately and asked at every house along the road but their neighbor was better prepared to keep us than they were. Just before dark Elder Siddoway said he felt like singing a song so we sat down and opened the book at "Oh My Father" so we sang it. We then resumed our journey and about 8 P.M. we went to a door and said our little piece. The lady (Mrs. Strong) said she would fix a place for us so we went in hung up our hats and commenced talking to the husband and it wasn't long until we were on our way again. He said he would not feed and bed any one would go about dressed as we were and deceiving the people. Said we were imposters and leeches and many more unpleasant things did he say to us. So we went on and at 9:30 we got a place to stay at Mr. Scott Wilson's.

Sept.21, Not receiving very good treatment at Wilson's we left as soon as we got up getting to Mr. Converse's just in time for breakfast. We helped do the washing and had dinner after which we went to Parker to fill our appointment. At 8 o'clock we had a very good audience and held meeting until 9 and told the people we would hold other meetings if we were entertained. They all went home and left us in the school but after awhile a young man came and told the ticket agent would like to have us take breakfast with him, but no one gave us a bed. I studied and Elder Siddoway wrote until 11 P.M. when we made the bed and went to bed. The bed consisted of benches put together and I had an organ stool for a pillow. About 12 M. we awoke and found we too close to the stove for our beds were scorching and the stove was red hot nearly all over. After moving away went to sleep and slept until 5:30 A.M. When we were invited to eat breakfast with Mrs. McCulouch W.O. We then rode back to Mr. Converse's with Mr. Ellis the U.S.Mail carrier.

Sept.28, Went to Castle Rock to see what we could do there and found we could not get a place to hold meetings and that the town had been tracted so we went back to Mr. Berry's. We were told of a friend by Elder Peterson but when we went there he said he didn't know why Peterson would want to sent us there as he wanted nothing to do with our religion, etc., so we went away.

Sept.29, Elder Peterson gave us a visit which we enjoyed and he told us to make our way to Pueblo.