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Ivin and Pearl Gee Family

Reunion - 2000

August 12, 2000

Mathis Park, North Salt Lake, Utah

11:00am - 3:00 pm

Honoring Ivin and Pearl Gee, 


Dr. and Mrs. (i.e. Elder and Sister, or Laurence and Alice) Gee

on their return from a three year Mission to Germany and Eastern Europe.


The reunion was called to order at 11:00 am and participants were invited to visit.

Around 12:00 noon a prayer was said James Gee, and the eating began.

After lunch, each of the Children of Ivin and Pearl introduced their families.  In total, there were 98 people in attendance.

By popular demand, Laurence, Martell and Glendon sang one of the songs they sang in the "olden days when they were children".  This was done without accompaniment.  The song was "My Brother Bill".  We wanted Rosemary to join, but due to other commitments, she and Steve did not arrive until later.

Laurence and Alice then gave a report of their mission to the Europe East Area, where Laurence served with his companion (Alice) in the capacity of Medical Advisor to the Area.

Clark then presented a book containing tributes to the patriarch and matriarch of the family.  In doing so, he read a few excerpts from the tributes collected from family members.  David assisted in the activity.  (Please see tributes)

At 2:00 pm, Sam Blundell, a photographer from Bountiful took a family portrait.

Following the portrait experience, Ivin and Pearl gave a response and advice to the family.

Then, by popular demand, the three brothers did not sing another song.

The reunion was adjourned at about 3:15 pm, after which most of the group stayed around and visited.


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