Back UpFuneral of Pearl S Gee


The back of the program carried this "Prayer for Teachers" written by Pearl in about 1961:

Dear God, may we, who are leaders of the young,

Strive to know that we are instruments of thine;

To impart truth and wisdom, love and light.

That only through thy Grace Divine,

May they be led to know the better world of peace sublime.


Oh, give us righteous words to speak,

And patience rare to watch with gentle care

The unfolding of their characters

Yet never lose an opportunity

To influence them for good. 


Grant us understanding of the times,

That through our love,

Security may grow within each breast

To root them to the steadfast strengths of yesteryear,

Yet give them wings to soar to heights

Above the common things.


Grant us power to match their eagerness to learn

With an eagerness to teach eternal truths,

That beauty, harmony, work, worship, and love

Will bring us home to thee.